According to the 245 $c in OCLC record #98168802 for "Understanding the
Bible," the author of that book is named as "Louis W. Bookheim, Jr." In
that case, per RDA, you should establish him as "Bookheim, Louis
W., $c Jr."

The title page name of the law librarian on his work is "Louis W.
Bookheim." We prefer the formal name--"Bookheim, Louis W."

The presence of "Jr." is both required by RDA and sufficient to distinguish
the two names. "Bookheim, Bill" or "Bookheim, Bill W." becomes a 400
variant name for the law librarian.


On Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 1:39 PM, Alexis Zirpoli <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Greetings,
> I am the NACO coordinator at my library, but I'm newer to this than my
> co-workers who submit NARs to me for adding to the NAF. Recently someone
> submitted a NAR to me for Bookheim, Louis W. $c (Law librarian). This Louis
> W. Bookheim wrote a book under that name, but the book advertisement
> referred to him as Louis W. (Bill) Bookheim. Research online indicates that
> he was commonly referred to as Bill.
> There is another record for Bookheim, Louis W. who appears to be the
> father of the author for the book in hand (research of the first Bookheim
> leads me to believe that he is a "Jr."). Hence the need to qualify the more
> recent NAR for Louis W. Bookheim.
> I was inclined to establish the name as Bookheim, Bill $q (Louis W.).
> However, the person who submitted this record to me said that it's not okay
> to qualify a nickname in $q (it doesn't say this in RDA or MARC formats
> documentation - I was informed that prior to RDA it was not allowed).
> I would like to know your collective wisdom on this topic. Which is a
> better (or more acceptable) construction:
> Bookheim, Louis W. $c (Law librarian) (with a cross reference to Bookheim,
> Bill)
> or
> Bookheim, Bill $q (Louis W.)
> Thanks!
> - Alexis
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