I would follow RDA 7.16, Supplementary Content, and give an unstructured description of the prologue as per 24.4.3 and For example: "Includes: Prologo, by [author of prologue]."


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Hi all,


    This is a simple question, but I cannot satisfy myself that I have found the appropriate instructions in RDA.  I wish to include as a statement of responsibility the author of a prolog to a work that I am describing.  This prolog author is specific only to this edition of the work, not to other editions of the work.  The prolog author’s name only exists at the end of the prolog, which is outside of the preferred source of information for the title, but within the manifestation.  I believe that I may simply transcribe this author’s name and include the word “prologo” [Spanish] to indicate his responsibility.  Is this correct?