See LC-PCC PS for for named individual works of art.  It looks like you would use an English title. No qualifier would be necessary unless there was a conflict.

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Subject: [PCCLIST] NACO: Works of art, Individual

Collective wisdom needed!


I am trying to construct a subject heading that I thought would fall into the category of named art objects (SHM H405, “Works of art, Individual”, Group OneàNAF). The subject is “Der Löwenmensch,” a prehistoric figurine made of mammoth ivory discovered in a Paleolithic cave near Ulm, Germany.


1) Since the Germans named it as Der Löwenmensch, would it be appropriate to keep it that way, or use the commonly known English term the “Lion Man”?


2) The MARC tag for the entity would have to be 130, would it not?


130    Löwenmensch (Prehistoric figurine)