I am the NACO coordinator at my library, but I'm newer to this than my co-workers who submit NARs to me for adding to the NAF. Recently someone submitted a NAR to me for Bookheim, Louis W. $c (Law librarian). This Louis W. Bookheim wrote a book under that name, but the book advertisement referred to him as Louis W. (Bill) Bookheim. Research online indicates that he was commonly referred to as Bill. 

There is another record for Bookheim, Louis W. who appears to be the father of the author for the book in hand (research of the first Bookheim leads me to believe that he is a "Jr."). Hence the need to qualify the more recent NAR for Louis W. Bookheim.

I was inclined to establish the name as Bookheim, Bill $q (Louis W.). However, the person who submitted this record to me said that it's not okay to qualify a nickname in $q (it doesn't say this in RDA or MARC formats documentation - I was informed that prior to RDA it was not allowed).

I would like to know your collective wisdom on this topic. Which is a better (or more acceptable) construction:

Bookheim, Louis W. $c (Law librarian) (with a cross reference to Bookheim, Bill)


Bookheim, Bill $q (Louis W.)


- Alexis

Alexis Zirpoli
Cataloging Services Librarian 
Interim Continuations & Collection Management Services Unit Leader
University of Michigan Law Library