My guess would be that this qualifier does not come from a controlled vocabulary. The record was created in 2009, prior to the release of RDA and its changes to the way we select qualifying terms. It was "RDA-ized" probably in 2015, but I would guess the qualifier was already there, and had been added to distinguish from the other Peter Siegelman, whose record seems to have been created in 1989.

Prior to RDA, the practice of qualifying names by profession relied heavily on usage, and what the cataloger saw was (as we see in the first 670): "Peter Siegelman; Roger Sherman Professor of Law".


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Subject: [PCCLIST] (Professor of law) as personal name qualifier

I just came across the following name, established by LC:
Siegelman, Peter (Professor of law)

When I establish personal names for law professors and a qualifier is needed, I generally use (Law teacher) based on the LCSH term, since LC-PCC PS for indicates that controlled vocabulary terms are to be preferred.  There is no applicable LCDGT term I can find.  Does anyone know what controlled vocabulary "Professor of law" might have come from, or other rationale for using it?  I'm not going to change this one, but thinking about what I should use in the future.

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