As a French speaker it strikes me as "strange" to have  a noun : Collection which is feminine singular next to an adjective : Inédits which is masculine plural. This breaks a fundamental grammatical rule of adjective/noun agreement that you will find in all Romance languages.
That is why the capitalized Inédits is treated like a proper name. 
I apologize for giving a linguist's opinion on a cataloging forum.

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I question whether the word “Inedits” in the series title below should be upper case. It does not appear to be a proper name, etc. The record is pre-RDA.


010  no2009057299

040  CSt-Mus ǂb eng ǂc CSt-Mus

130 0Collection Inédits (Liège, Belgium)

430 0Inédits (Liège, Belgium)

643  Liège, Belgique ǂb Musique en Wallonie

644  f ǂ5 CSt-Mus

645  t ǂ5 DPCC ǂ5 CSt-Mus

646  s ǂ5 CSt-Mus

670  Regis, J. Opera omnia [SR] 2008: ǂb label (Collection inédits)


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