Don't know on what basis he thinks the married name is more familiar.  It seems to have been used only in an oral interview done with her in 1999.  The 545 in that record identifies her as Sheila Michaels, as do records for oral interviews she conducted with others in that year.  The NYT obit seems like a pretty good indication of how she is best known and will be remembered.

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Well, another member of the list to which the original message was sent seems to disagree, and think her married name is better known.


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At the very end of the obituary her married name, Shiki y Michaels, is revealed, which I think is more familiar.


Also interesting is that Margalit Fox interviewed her last year specifically (and presumably explicitly) for the obituary.


Ms. Fox was a linguistics student at Stony Brook in the 1990s.


Peter T. Daniels [log in to unmask]

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She was also a regular at SBL annual meetings. I enjoyed talking to her there, but heavens, I never knew the back story.

Im sorry to learn that she has died.



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 Old ANE hands will remember Sheila Michaels as a regular participant on the original ANE mailing list.

Posted by: "Lisbeth S. Fried" <[log in to unmask]>       




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