LC catalog shows two different ways. Can we have some explanations?

... ǂx Foreign public opinion, South Korean
(as in LCCN    96451461 )


... ǂx Foreign public opinion, Korean (South)
(as in LCCN   2003417004)

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Then how do we always come up with the appropriate adjective form for each country if we don't necessarily point to the authority rec?  For South Korea case, I would use --Foreign public opinion, South Korean. I would inferred it from authority rec like Corporations, South Korean. And a dictionary says South Korean is an adjective derived from South Korea. 
What about Congo (Brazzaville)?  
There are authority rec such as Painting, Congo (Brazzaville) and  Painting, Congolese (Democratic Republic). 
For Congo (Brazzaville), would we use --Foreign public opinion, Congo? Or --Foreign public opinion, Congo (Brazzaville)? or  --Foreign public opinion, Congolese for both?  If we use --Foreign public opinion, Congolese for both, do I have to use 
--Foreign public opinion, Korean?  There is a book about South Korean's opinion on North Korea.

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SHM H 1955 says, “qualify the subdivision –Foreign public opinion by the adjective designating the region or country where the opinion is held.” That would point to using “Arab.”



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Dear CW, 


When using a multiple subdivision such as —Foreign public opinion, Austrian, [British, etc.]


Is "Arab countries" the form used after the comma [as pulled from G 300] or "Arab"?


I ask, because in searching, I've found hits for both [albeit significantly more for --Foreign public opinion, Arab]. If anyone could point me to where the construction "Arab" is being drawn from, I'd be much obliged.



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