Just a few ideas here, even though my Arabic is zero, too.

First of all, somewhere in RDA we are to determine what the item in hand actually is.  In this case, it is denoted as a commentary.  So I would say that the 240 in the record is not correct.  It should be replaced with two 700 12s, one for the Arabic text and the other for the German one.  As I understand this sort of thing, both are expressions and need $l.

You need only the Arabic form of the text, which will be the same (hopefully) always.  It is not the AAP, uniform title for the dissertation.  So add the revision note, if the German Vorwort makes it necessary (use of very uberarbeiten (?)), remove the 240, add two 700 12s

Gene Fieg

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I have been asked to add a “revision of author’s dissertation” note to the master record of “Der Kategorienkommentar von Abu l-Farag Abdallah ibn at-Tayyib : Text und Untersuchungen / von Cleophea Ferrari” lccn   2006047541, OCLC #69645840 .

A one minute project – except:

This record contains a dreaded “double language” 240 with corresponding NAF record:

n 2006041817

ARN 6952310

Abu al-Faraj Abd Allah ibn al-Tayyib, -1043. Tafsir Kitab al-maqulat. German & Arabic


Since my Arabic knowledge is zero, I was wondering if a PCC/NACO holding library with the proper language expertise would be kind enough to take care of the authority work for this? I see Yale and Princeton in the 040 in addition to LC.


I could then follow-up with the dissertation note (which is based on information in the first paragraph of the “Vorwort”)



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