When I throw such a query at my server, Mike Taylor's CQL parser reports that it didn't expect that second equal sign in the middle of the term it was processing.  That suggests to me that you've inferred a missing Boolean, but the query grammar supports other options.

Proper query:
Query missing "and":

Either way, the general "query syntax error" gets returned.

I'm a little nervous about fixing users' queries for them.  You don't know for a fact that the problem was actually a missing Boolean or that the missing Boolean was an "and".  Too often I'm getting queries from robots and if they don't get told they have a problem, their code will never get fixed.

On a side note, when I clicked on the URL provided, I get an error 68, which is about sending records and authentication.  Since I didn't send a record, I'd think that diagnostic 3 (authentication error) would have been more appropriate.


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> We have a question about diagnostics relating to CQL
> ( and
> the proper behavior of the API regarding missing “boolean operator”.
> For example the correct request/query:
> uery=TIT%3DKRAFTWERK%20and%20MAT%3Dbooks&recordSchema=MARC
> 21-xml
> The wrong one (boolean operator “and” missing):
> uery=TIT%3DKRAFTWERK%20MAT%3Dbooks&recordSchema=MARC21-xml
> 1. What is the correct diagnostic number/description relating to a missing
> “boolean operator”?
> 2. Is it allowed that our SRU-API detects a missing boolean oprator and add
> “and” as boolean operator automatically?
> Thank you!
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