From what you wrote and the date, I'm assuming your original material 
is a "78 rpm" disc.

The question was about saving time and transferring LPs (33.33 rpm) 
discs at "78 rpm" and then adjusting in the computer.

I made the suggestion that if one wishes to save time, one should set up 
two or three workstations and ingest in parallel. Since one can't 
effectively monitor a "33" at "78" there is no loss of functionality, 
and one actually can monitor multiple transfers in "cocktail party" mode.

I think it was mentioned that transferring at a slower speed might 
improve the capture, but transferring the LP at "78" was not a good idea.



On 2017-08-09 4:15 PM, Mickey Clark wrote:
> I believe that you're both wrong. This links to what starts with a 78 
> dub of a 1947 Buddy Clark recording finishing with my current recording 
> process - during the vocal listen for the sound quality to change. The 
> last half was done with a slow transfer then speed correction in the 
> computer. Unless a record is worn, this process is very 
> beneficial-Mickey Clark
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