On 8/9/2017 6:06 PM, Gary A. Galo wrote:
> As a hard-core Furtwanger collector, I can tell you that virtually everything - studio and live - had been issued on CD, usually multiple times over. And, it hasn't stopped yet.

On the other hand certain lines don't seem to have been reissued on CD 
at all -- for instance, the cheap albums available on Plymouth, or 
Remington, or Colosseum in the early 1950s. We had a lot of those back then.

And have the Vanguard Everyman LPs been reissued on CD? How about the 
discs on Westminster that were reissued on 1960s cut-price LPs?

There were a *lot* of classical LPs in the 50s. Just looking at the 
charts for playback curves reminds me of some long-lost labels -- what 
happened to Urania Records, or Haydn Society for that matter?

Tracing what became of the 1950s labels (and their master tapes) might 
make a nice article for the ARSC Journal.


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