I know someone with multiple personalities that would like to be a puzzle 
record !!! Mickey

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ashes, however sourced, have no place in the record material mix for vinyl
records. However, shellac records (20% shellac, ca. 80% slate dust) would be
able to accommodate ashes without detriment to the end result.

We are in such a need for shellac record pressing plants that tagging on to 
mortuary business might be the only viable way, and we should pause for
thoughts about the poor souls and their grieving relatives who would then 
made modern shellac record pressing possible.

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> This is not a new idea.
> My late husband was a musician and songwriter.  He never was able to
> land a record deal.  As he was in hospice care, he and I had a
> conversation about what to do with his ashes. One of those ideas was
> having his ashes in a vinyl pressing of one of his songs for family
> members.  First, though, I did this...
> Four years later, I still think about having it done.  I don't think it
> is any more strange than a pet cemetery.
> No offense to anyone who has a pet buried in one.
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> Lou Judson wrote:
> > One might wonder if this is any more or less commercial (or loving) than
> blasting your loved ones into orbit..
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> >> No offence taken or hopefully given to any one. It just made me shake 
> >> my
> >> head a bit to realize to what extent profit making desire will 
> >> sometimes
> go
> >> to come up with a new commercial money making idea. My mind wouldn't 
> >> have
> >> thought to go where this company did...
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> >>> Whew, thanks. I would never want to offend or disgust my fellow people
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