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It has to be divided into mono + 78s and stereo.  

Steve Smolian

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But that then raises the question that just because the von Karajan and Solti recordings of Beethoven's Fifth were (re)released on CD (and which
one(s) by those two?) does that mean they are musically superior or more interesting that Furtwangler's (again, which one), for example (and Furtwangler's might actually have been released on CD, but I'm using it as an non-researched example).

On 2017-08-09 4:16 PM, Gene Baron wrote:
> Hi - I don't have answers but the question raises more questions.  Are 
> we talking about all classical LPs issued from the lp's inception 
> until its mass production demise, a period of roughly forty years?  If 
> so, just think of all the recordings of Beethoven's 5th symphony, just 
> to give one example.  If this is the scope then I would think the 
> percentage of CD issuance would be quite low.  If on the other hand 
> the question refers to any recording of a given composition, then that's a very different thing.
> Thanks.
> Gene
> On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 1:35 PM, Richardson, Jonathan Carrithers < 
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>> Asking for a friend. Hoping someone can help settle an argument.
>> Maybe this has been discussed in the past on the ARSC list, but does 
>> anyone know what percentage of classical music recordings on LP made 
>> it to CD or at least into the digital realm? Someone told me once 
>> that less than 20% of commercially available classical music on LP 
>> crossed over to CD. I don’t believe it.  To me that sounds like an 
>> awful lot of music that will soon be lost even though I don’t think LPs are going away anytime soon.
>> Of course this is probably a tough question to know the exact answer 
>> to but I thought maybe someone here might know a ballpark figure.
>> thanks
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