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Dear Colleague, 

Recognizing that there are potential benefits to library users in the 
development and implementation of linked data, this study aims to identify 
what those benefits might be for our end-users. We plan to: 

1. Gather your input on possible features brought by linked data for end-users 
2. Design a second survey for end-users to rank the relative values of the 
features you identified 
3. Publish our findings in an open access journal 

Please share your thoughts in this four question survey (10 -20 minutes). Your 
participation is anonymous and voluntary, and your responses will remain 
confidential. The survey will close at midnight on August 27 , 2017. Many 
thanks for your thoughtful responses. 

Survey URL: [ | ] 

Adam Chandler ( [log in to unmask] ) 
Gabriela Castro Gessner ( [log in to unmask] ) 
Cornell University Library 

Zoe Chao ( [log in to unmask] ) 
Penn State University Libraries