☺  Very good point, Michael!   Based on the responses I’ve received already, I’ve made an 053 request to LC to confirm the use of PQ5971.9.E72 for Milena Ercolani.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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I think maybe Adam's dilemma is that if you take the schedule really literally, you might not put her in PQ5971.9 because San Marino is *inside* Italy, not outside of it.  :-)

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On 8/11/2017 10:59 AM, Robert J. Rendall wrote:
I would either take the schedule literally and put this in PQ5971, or submit a proposal for a new number like PQ5961 for Switzerland.

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I’ve got a literary author (Ercolani, Milena, 1963- ) from the Republic of San Marino and am having trouble deciding whether to class her in PQ4865 (Italian literature - Individual authors, 1961-2000) or in PQ5971.9 (Italian literature outside of Italy - Other European countries - Individual authors).  San Marino is a tiny enclave surrounded by Italy, so it is a separate country, but its culture as I understand it is very much Italian.  I’m not sure which option above is preferable.  Suggestions/advice?


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