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I think Jessica's question is answered in slide 148 from NACO Training, Module 6 -- Describing Works and Expressions (Last update: Apr. 7, 2017), available via  It has "Short stories. Selections" in the AAP along with various titles in the VAPs, plus the comment "This AACR2 heading cannot be used as an RDA authorized access point because it represents different aggregate works."

The NAR to which Jessica refers, no 98029419, is coded Rules c (AACR2).  It looks like creation of a new NAR, with a qualifier appended to "Poems. Selections", would be appropriate. Then you would remove this field
4001 Sitwell, Edith, ǂd 1887-1964. ǂt Poems new and old
from no 98029419.  

Perhaps also a 667 "Formerly on …" would be included in the new NAR.  The existing one is indeed undifferentiated, although there's no MARC coding equivalent to that used for undifferentiated personal names that can be used.  I wonder whether procedures need to be clarified to accommodate this point.  Or whether I'm mistaken in some respect.

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