Our institution has both the English and the French expressions of a children's story.

The French expression (OCLC 905971503) has a legal deposit date and copyright date both of 2014, and has a prominent statement of responsibility for the translator. The English expression (OCLC 903423127) has a copyright date of 2013 and an "English translation copyright" date of 2016, and has a colophon statement that it was originally published under the French title. Library and Archives Canada has erroneously established access points both for the English expression of the French work and the French expression of the English work.

There is an authority record for the English expression of the French work already established, but I assume it was created with only the English volume in hand. Is this correct? How should a work that is conceived and written in one language but first published in another language be treated?

Thanks for your assistance.

Brian Stearns
Cataloguing Librarian
University of Alberta
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