In Google Books I found an image of the title page verso of the Tundra
Books edition, which says

Copyright ©2013 by Janet Hill
English translation copyright ©2016 by Janet Hill

If we assume from this that Hill is responsible for both texts, it becomes
questionable whether the 2016 text is a translation or a creator's revision.

If the two texts are the same, would the second copyright have been granted
by Canada?

Let's assume they're different, and that these are all expressions of a
work titled "Miss Moon, dog governess." One could then distinguish the
expressions of the work in its original language as

Hill, Janet, $d 1974- $t Miss Moon, dog governess $s (2013)  [apparently
Hill, Janet, $d 1974- $t Miss Moon, dog governess $s (2016)

One could argue for adding or not adding $l English to both of these as the
language of the expression.

The AAP for the French translation, which is necessarily a translation of
the earlier English expression would then become

Hill, Janet, $d 1974- $t Miss Moon, dog governess $s (2013). $l French

But that's a lot of "lets assume" ...


On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 10:30 AM, Brian Stearns <[log in to unmask]>

> Hello,
> Our institution has both the English and the French expressions of a
> children's story.
> The French expression (OCLC 905971503) has a legal deposit date and
> copyright date both of 2014, and has a prominent statement of
> responsibility for the translator. The English expression (OCLC 903423127)
> has a copyright date of 2013 and an "English translation copyright" date of
> 2016, and has a colophon statement that it was originally published under
> the French title. Library and Archives Canada has erroneously established
> access points both for the English expression of the French work
> <>
> and the French expression of the English work
> <>
> .
> There is an authority record
> <> for the English
> expression of the French work already established, but I assume it was
> created with only the English volume in hand. Is this correct? How should a
> work that is conceived and written in one language but first published in
> another language be treated?
> Thanks for your assistance.
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