Hello all,

It was brought to our attention by a patron that the heading for Pollock,
Charles, 1832-1910 (NAR n  99284598) contains incorrect birth and death
dates.  This heading represents a photograph publisher active in Boston.
Using the Boston directory and Massachusetts vital statistics records, I've
been able to verify that this person's dates are in fact 1828-1900.

I would like to change the 100 to Pollock, Charles, 1828-1900, and put the
incorrect dates in a 400, coded $w nnea. But I have not been able to find
the source of the dates 1832-1910 (outside of the 670 representing an OCLC
search from 2000), and I'm hesitant to change the 100 without being able to
do so.

Should I go ahead and change the 100 field to correct this apparent error?
What would others do in this case?

It's a question of about 50 linked bib records in OCLC, but the error
extends to VIAF (VIAF ID: 53487251) as well.

Kaelin Rasmussen

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