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I would add a 100 with "Pollock, Charles, $d 1828-1900" and a 400 "Pollock, Charles, $d 1832-1910 $w nne."

The "$w nne" alerts any cataloger looking at the record that it was a former authorized access point (100).  You don't need to try to figure out where the incorrect data came from if it isn't already recorded in the record.  In the authority record, LC cites an access point in OCLC with the 1832-1910 dates, so that is were those dates came from.

You can read more about using "$w nne" and "$w nnea" at the NACO's FAQ



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Hello all,

It was brought to our attention by a patron that the heading for Pollock, Charles, 1832-1910 (NAR n  99284598) contains incorrect birth and death dates.  This heading represents a photograph publisher active in Boston. Using the Boston directory and Massachusetts vital statistics records, I've been able to verify that this person's dates are in fact 1828-1900.

I would like to change the 100 to Pollock, Charles, 1828-1900, and put the incorrect dates in a 400, coded $w nnea. But I have not been able to find the source of the dates 1832-1910 (outside of the 670 representing an OCLC search from 2000), and I'm hesitant to change the 100 without being able to do so.

Should I go ahead and change the 100 field to correct this apparent error? What would others do in this case?

It's a question of about 50 linked bib records in OCLC, but the error extends to VIAF (VIAF ID: 53487251) as well.

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