The OCLC-MARC Bibliographic and Holdings Format Update 2017 is scheduled to be installed during August 2017.  All details are now available in OCLC Technical Bulletin 267:  OCLC-MARC Format Update 2017 available at  This update will implement MARC 21 Bibliographic and Holdings format changes announced in MARC 21 Updates No. 23 (November  2016; and No. 24 (May 2017;, including:



Additionally, OCLC will validate MARC codes announced in fourteen LC Technical Notices ( issued between June 2016 and May 2017.  OCLC has also converted all existing Bibliographic fields 260 (Publication, Distribution, Etc. (Imprint)) subfield $d (Plate or Publisher's Number for Music (Pre-AACR2)) to field 028 and will make field 260 subfield $d obsolete.


Although MARC 21 Authority Format changes From Updates No. 23 and No. 24 are documented in Technical Bulletin 267, the Authority record changes will be implemented not at this time but instead at a future date in coordination with the Library of Congress and the Name Authority Cooperative (NACO) of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC).  LC, NACO, and OCLC will make announcements at that future date.


OCLC plans to install the OCLC-MARC Bibliographic and Holdings Format Update 2017 during August 2017 and will make announcements widely through the usual discussion lists and Connexion logon greetings at that time. 


Please forgive any duplication of this message.





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