Posted by a PCC member on OCLC-CAT and then AUTOCAT with no response from either. May require Thai knowledge to add Romanized parallel 658 fields; or should the problematic 658 fields simply be removed?

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Hi Autocatters,

I have an item in hand, 76864291, Project managing e-learning (2007), ISBN 9780415772204.
I would like to add my holding to the record and bring it up to RDA.

Without even trying to add my holding, I cannot get it to authenticate due to several 658 Index Term-Curriculum with Thai script/Missing 880 errors.
Like medicine, I know our mantra is "do no harm," so I really don't want to remove anything from the record, but can someone with more experience with 658s provide some guidance?

How was it able to be saved in the first place?

Thanks in advance,

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