Thank you, John!  I saw the section in RDA that you quote, but I hesitated to infer that it applied to instances in all caps. Having your response tips the balance.

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RDA 8.5.2 says to apply A.2 to name of agents, and that instruction says to capitalize the first word of each name (i.e. the first letter of the first word) and capitalize other words according to the language. "For names with unusual capitalization, follow the capitalization of the commonly known form."

In some parts of the world, especially in French-speaking countries, it seems to be common practice to capitalize the entire surname on title pages, in bibliographies, etc.  This can be very helpful to the cataloger, especially in African countries, but it has never been interpreted to create AAPs in that form.

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Good morning,

If the most commonly presented form of a person's name includes some parts in all caps, is that capitalization considered part of the preferred name?  For instance, if I commonly presented my own name as Jenifer MARQUARDT, would I begin to establish the AAP using MARQUARD, Jenifer?

I've been poking about in RDA, the NACO training slides, and the PCCList archives but haven't found the information.

Thank you in advance for pointing me in the right direction!


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