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My apologies for cluttering the list.  I re-read the notes and saw the use of 588 indicator values is for non-COSNER records (although it does still beg the question of *when* we will be able to implement.




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Subject: RE: Revised version of the Provider-Neutral Guidelines posted


One quick question regarding 588 field.  Is it yet CONSER practice for us to use the indicators?  I notice these examples from the document:


588 0_ Print version record.

588 1_ Vol. 1, issue 4 (May 2016).


But I don’t remember seeing any announcement that we can start using these yet.




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Subject: [PCCLIST] Revised version of the Provider-Neutral Guidelines posted


A revised version of the Provider-Neutral E-Resource MARC Record Guide: P-N/RDA Version was posted to the PCC website earlier today. The document was revised by the PCC Standing Committee on Standards (along with Becky Culbertson) and is now dated August 15, 2017.


The document can be found on this webpage:



Here is a general overview of the changes:


·         Revised the introduction to make it clearer that only identical manifestations from different online providers should be brought together onto one record.

·         Brought all terminology into line with the current version of RDA.

·         Harmonized instructions with the latest versions of the BSR/CSR.

·         010 field: added reminder not to include print LCCNs.

·         040 field: added statement that use of $e pn is now allowed.

·         1XX/7XX fields: added reminder to include relationship designators for creators.

·         264 field: removed the Core If requirements for distribution and manufacture statements.

·         300 field: revised to encourage use of “1 online resource” in subfield $a for serials.

·         588 field: added the option to use indicators 0 or 1 for non-CONSER records.

·         700-751 fields: added statement encouraging the use of relationship designators.


PCC webpages with links to this document have been updated, however, please let us know if we missed any.




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