To piggy back onto Gary's rub here:
There is a document from PSD back in 2012: [] announcing the
beginning of an experiment to add 072s

One of the parameters is:

"Only straightforward instruction sheets will be included in this
experiment. They include, but are not necessarily limited to the following.

H 1120    Names of families
H 1145.5 Bodies of water
H 1151.5 Types of educational institutions
H 1185    Religions
H 1187    Christian denominations
H 1195    Land vehicles
H 1200    Wars"

I wonder what the status is of this experiment [as Adam notes it is indeed
being done, but has the scope changed at all?]

But to add to the general discussion -- what will be challenging in
proliferating 072s/073s throughout LCSH is that not every category has an
SHM memo to point to.

Consider the following subdivisions:

—Access control   (May Subd Geog)
Use as a topical subdivision under types of archives, records, computers,
computer networks, and statistical and data-gathering services.

Though it has an 073 for H 1095 [Free-Floating Subdivisions], it's only
usable under very specific types of headings, most of which do not have a
unique SHM memo to point to.

Use as a topical subdivision under substances, including individual
chemicals and groups of chemicals and individual materials and types of
materials, and individual plants and groups of plants, for works on methods
of analyzing those substances, or analyzing a sample, to determine the
presence or quantity of those substances. Also *use under substances not
produced naturally for works presenting the results of chemical analyses of
those substances*. For results of chemical analyses of natural substances
of unfixed composition, use the subdivision Composition. [Emphasis mine]

Although four memos are listed in the 073 [Free floating subdivisions,
Chemicals, Materials, and Plants and crops] how can a programmatic
validation match "substance not produced naturally" unless there is a
corresponding 072 code that can be added to the LCSH which satisfy that

The LCDGT vocabulary does this very well, in that every category that a
term *can* belong to is laid out ahead of time and each has their own memo.
I think it's ultimately an enumeration problem. Somehow [and I'm obviously
not suggesting that this is a practical to task to take on] every possible
category that a subdivision refers to needs to be enumerated and assigned a
unique code [perhaps with a relevant memo, perhaps not] and then every LCSH
would need an 072 for the precise categories to which it belongs -- then
our bibliographic utilities would be able to not only control the headings
but also validate them.


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> "The type of heading that they are": yes, there's the rub. If it's to be
> done properly, a lot more than a section number from the subjects manual is
> required. (Unless—we should live so long—the instructions in the manual are
> simplified and/or rationalized.) See the two files here (which date from
> the later 1980s, as I recall):
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