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NAR nr 91037559 and NAR n  87826402 are for the same person, Lessing, Ferd. (Ferdinand), 1882-1961, to use the heading on the first record, which I will keep.  It turns out that the heading on the second record, Lessing, F. D., disappeared from the bib record for the book which supposedly generated it ((OCoLC)10078113), although a later edition of this Mongolian-English dictionary was cataloged by LC with Lessing, Ferd. (Ferdinand), 1882-1961 as part of the authorized access point.


First, a question.  On NAR nr 91037559, the authority record I will keep, do I need to have a heading for “Lessing, F. D.,” exactly as it appears on NAR n  87826402, or is the heading “Lessing, F. D. $q (Ferdinand Diederich), $d 1882-1961” sufficient (I plan to include the latter, even if I also need the former).


As indicated in the previous paragraph, I will transfer the information from NAR nr 91037559 to NAR n  87826402, and add a 667 indicating the latter has been reported for deletion.  LC needs to complete the deletion process.


I will change the added entry for the Mongolian-English dictionary on (OCoLC)10078113 to match the authorized access point found on (OCoLC)104623844 (LCCN 98230547).


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