I have recently cataloged a book for one of our libraries by Doris Lessing, which led me to clean up our records.  In doing this, I found that Doris Lessing wrote two books under the name Jane Somers, The Diary of a Good Neighbor, and If the Old Could…  However, these two books were later published together as The Diaries of Jane Somers / by Doris Lessing.  LC (LCCN 84017245) uses the AAP Somers, Jane, 1919-2013, with the uniform title for the first work, which is just acceptable, I suppose.  But I wonder if this publication might render separate bibliographic identities for Lessing and Somers unnecessary, since these books are now cited under Lessing’s name.  Should the identities be combined.


In any event, apparently when the titles first appeared under the name Somers, LC created a class number for that identity, apparently unaware that Somers was a pseudonym for Lessing.  The class number is PR6069.O42, however, the class number on the authority record currently reads PR6023.E833, the class number for Lessing, as is LC’s practice.  Those who would prefer to have Somers’ books classed with Lessing’s may want to check their collections.


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