I agree with you. Even though n 50027953 isn't coded as undifferentiated it might as well be since you have discovered that in the bib file the access point has been used to represent more than one person.

My opinion only, of course.

If you do choose to keep nb2011032496 and have n 50027953 canceled, don't forget that there are some related NARs that will also need revision.


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This seems to be my week for finding duplicates.  NAR n  50027953 is for Jackson, Tom, no dates, but still unique.  NAR nb2011032496 is for Jackson, Tom, 1932-.  These individuals are the same person, having written the same book, with a different title in Britain.  There seem to be a great many records with the heading Jackson, Tom [no dates], but some of these seem not to be the Tom Jackson who writes books on how to get a job.  But there seem to be far fewer records with the heading that includes the date.  Still, because there are bib records which have headings with no date for a different Tom Jackson, I think it would be better to use the heading with the date as the authorized form, even though the form without the date was established earlier.  What is the opinion of this forum?


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