How about Magnecorder?  I believe Tom Fine's father endorsed them in an ad
some audio publication.

Lou Houck
Rollin' Recording
Boerne, TX

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If we are stooping so low, why not include Berlant Concertone?
had a fun to use FF-REW pot so you could rock it with your wrist.
Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

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> Hi Paul,
> Don't forget Tapesonic:
> We had one ages ago. The only thing that made it portable was the handle
on the case - it weighed a ton. It also fast wound SO fast it was scary. 
> Best,
> Gary
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> Hi folks:
> I'm working on an article about studio tape recorders, and have made a
tentative list of the major brands that were important in the analog era.
Here's my first draft -- I have some specific model numbers, because it
strikes me that, for example, the Otari MTR-10 and MTR-12 are in a different
category from the 5050. I've put an asterisk by brands or models that were
mostly produced in consumer format (7.5/3.75 ips, quarter track) as well as
pro (15 or 30 ips, half or full track):
> Revox A77*
> Otari 5050
> Ampex AG440 series
> Other Ampex decks (e.g., 300, 350)
> MCI (later acquired & marketed by Sony)
> Scully
> Revox PR99(/B77*)
> Studer
> Otari MTR series
> Ampex ATR-100
> Nagra
> Tascam (which developed from Teac, which mostly made consumer decks*)
> Have I left out anyone important? My back-brain thinks I have. I'm
wondering if Magnecords saw enough recording studio use to count, and
likewise Crowns -- I always had the impression that there were few Crowns
owned by pro recording outfits.
> Please let me know if there are important players I've forgotten --
thanks! Again, I'm interested in pro decks that were commonly used in
recording studios.
> Peace,
> Paul
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