Dear Mr. Aaron,

We, The Coltrane Home in Dix Hills Long Island NY, are longing for Ampex 
AG-440 because as you see a picture in an attached file, Coltrane put three 
equipments; Mono, Stereo and 4 tracks (not seen in a pic though) in a studio 
in his basement of his home in Dix Hills.
caption for the pic;
Sound proof recording studio in a basement. All equipment, Ampex AG-440 
magnetic recorder/  reproducer  for  Mono,  Stereo  and  four  tracks, 
Thorens  TD-124  mk2  with  Ortofon RS-212 tone-arm and SL-15 pickup, were 
brand new just made in 1967.
A photo was taken by Akiyoshi Miyashita in 1971 (just 4 years after Coltrane 
passed away)

Please contact me, a borad of The Cotrane Home, or Ron Stein, a president of 
The Coltrane Home.
Ron Stein - a president of The Coltrane Home:
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Thank you in advance for considering us to help for opening The Coltrane 
Home for public.
We are very much look forward to heraing from you soon.
Best wishes always

Yasuhiro "Fuji" Fujioka
Coltrane House of Osaka
3-7-4, Kozu, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0072, Japan
+81-66-632-2889 (phone & fax)
+81-901-028-8280 (mobile phone)
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Hi Aaron.
My friend lives just outside of D.C., and he would be very happy to
pick these up (with a donation) as they would greatly assist a project
we are in the planning stages on.
I am replying here but I will also try to reach you at Cutting
Corporation, which I hope is not a breach of protocol.
Peter M.

On 9/26/17, Aaron Coe <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> I’m passing this along for someone at a non-profit who has two Ampex 
> AG-440s
> he needs to get rid for free (or preferably a small donation) - local 
> pickup
> only.  I believe they should be in fairly decent condition.  Here is a
> picture of one of the units:
> Please contact me off list if you’re interested.
> -Aaron
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