Thanks for your interest, everyone.

Nice catch on the hardware unit, David.

Appreciate the windows Audition 3 tip, Gary (I kind of gave up on the Adobe 2 and 3 angle until I saw that).

And Eero, I appreciate your sharing you experience with the software decoders.  I want to learn more about what is meant by "logic" features.

I may not get to work on this much for another few weeks though.

Stay tuned...

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Hi Ellis,

Yore right! My bad. THX for the correction


Corey Bailey Audio Engineering<>

On 9/8/2017 12:25 PM, Ellis Burman wrote:
> Hi Corey.  SQ is a matrix based system using 90 degree phase shifts.  It
> doesn't use a carrier.  I think you're thinking of the CD-4 system, which
> used a 30 kHz carrier for the front to back difference signals.
> -Ellis
> On Fri, Sep 8, 2017 at 11:21 AM, Corey Bailey <[log in to unmask]>
> wrote:
>> I haven't tried the software decoders so I can't comment on them (I'm an
>> analog guy). The early versions of Adobe Audition had some built-in
>> decoders but I think that stopped with Version 3. It makes sense that
>> software would work well, especially for SQ because of the ability to
>> filter out the carrier in the digital domain used by SQ. Tracking a phase
>> encoded signal (QS) that was encoded in the analog domain may be a
>> different story. Using software to decode the stereo analog sound track on
>> motion picture film (Dolby encoded) may give us the answer to the QS
>> question.
>> Cheers,
>> Corey
>> Corey Bailey Audio Engineering
>> On 9/8/2017 2:38 AM, Karl E. Fitzke wrote:
>>> SQ Quad