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From: David Hector Thibodeau (CENSUS/ACSD CTR)
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Subject: Excess census and demographic report materials on offer from the Census Bureau Library: for Fiji, Egypt. 1956-1990s

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Census of Population, Housing, Establishments, 1986. Final Results.  Egypt. 1986

Report on the Census of the Population, 1956. Normal McArthur, Fiji. 1958. Council Paper No. 1 of 1958

Population of Fiji, Population Monographs No. 1, Fiji. 1990

Statistical Report on the Household Economic Activity Survey 1989-90, Fiji. Oct 1991

Census of Industries, Fiji. 1990.

Vital Statistics in Fiji. Report for the Years 1979-80.

Report on the Census of the Population 1976. Vol. II. Parliamentary Paper No. 43 of 1979. FIji.

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