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Subject: GIS DAY NOVEMBER 14th...


  Because a host of Congressional scheduling conflicts, room issues, and the like, we are now FINALLY happy to announce that GIS Day will be hosted by the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress on Tuesday, November 14th and be held in the Montpelier Room on the sixth floor of the Madison Building of the Library of Congress.

Lauren sent our brainstorming agenda last week and I am simply repeating the document below with a minor few changes. Things will evolve more as we get closer and start to fill in the details with speakers.

Tim St. Onge, Jacqueline Nolan, or I, will be in touch with all of you soon to get your ideas, abstracts and participation firmed up... for now I just wanted to finally fix the date in your minds and calendars.

Rough Agenda

8:30 AM               Hosted Coffee, Continental Breakfast, Registration

9:00 AM               Introduction of Keynote

9:10 AM               Keynote by MOC (TBD)

9:30 AM               Keynote by MOC (TBD)

10:00 AM           GIS Resources for Congress-CRS Keynote, CCP and CRS Presentations

10:30 AM         Coffee Break

10:45                 Senate GIS Working Group Presentation/Senate Use Cases  (Tim, Becca)

11:15 AM            House GIS Working Group Presentation (Rae, Nate, Nick)

11:45                     Lunch (not hosted)

1:00-2:30 PM      GIS for the Digital Humanities featuring a Story Maps Deep Dive & LoC Division Project Presentations
2:30  PM              Tour of G&M Vault (if Story Maps deep dive takes place)
All the best.

John Hessler, FRGS
Curator, Jay I. Kislak Collection of the Archaeology and History of the Early Americas
Specialist in Mathematical Cartography and GIS

Geography and Map Division
Library of Congress
Washington, DC

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