The Agile Community of Practice includes Agile practitioners throughout the library that are interested in sharing information, improving skills and actively working to advance the general knowledge of Agile at the Library. The community is a place where we are empowered to ask for guidance, get help with difficult issues and share best practices about Agile execution here at the Library.


The Community includes this listserv, the Agile At The Library confluence site and monthly collaboration sessions held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 11am in the Automation Orientation Center (LM-G45).


Here’s a list of possible topics for upcoming CoP sessions. Please take a look and respond to share your thoughts.


Sharing of Team Experiences – Teams’ experiences with resolving impediments may help other teams with similar situations. Also. The sharing of feedback gathered during sprint retrospectives can identify common items that may even be enterprise issues requiring prompt attention. Finally, as teams tackle specific situations, sharing and considering “what-if” scenarios can help us all be better prepared and foster a collaborative environment. The framework is light and flexible so these situations help us develop guidance for future reference.


Identifying tools, solutions and techniques – How to support distributed teams? What is KanBan/How to use KanBan effectively? What are some agile techniques we all want to know (QA, story point estimation, back log grooming, story mapping, product roadmapping, release planning, etc)?  


JIRA Best Practices – This would be an opportunity for the community to share how they use JIRA, questions they have about JIRA and new features that may be useful to the community. Think of this as a recurring topic that we could have every month…(so many things in JIRA to look at, like navigating a User Story, Managing Sprints/Releases, Reporting, Customizing Boards, Playbooks, Git integration, etc.)


If you know some that would like to participate in our discussions and expand or share their knowledge, you can have them join the Community’s listserv at to get the latest info on what’s being discussed and when we’re meeting.


This info is also posted on the Agile At The Library confluence site at:





Bob Shirley

Team Lead, PMO

Library of Congress

(202) 707-0166