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Comic Book Sound Effect Database
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As fans of classic comic books know, images from comic books are often 
accompanied by exclamations such as "Wham!" "Ka-pow!" or "Zap!" The 
Comic Book Sound Effect Database is a collection of over 2,000 
onomatopoeias from over 200 comic books. As of this write up, most 
included comic books are classic Marvel titles, including the /Fantastic 
Four/, /Amazing Spiderman/ and /Incredible Hulk/. Visitors are invited 
to search this collection by sound effect, from "!" (52 entries) to 
"Owww!" (7 entries) to "Zzzz Zzzz" (4 entries). Each entry features an 
image of a panel with the sound effect, accompanied by information about 
the comic. Alternatively, visitors can search by a number of subject 
tags introduced by the creator. As the author of this page notes, "There 
is one special tag -- COOL -- for notable, interesting and original 
sound effects, chosen at my discretion."


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