It seems that the US domestic collections are the only ones accepted - I am 
in Canada and was not an option for location-Mickey Clark

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As I will be at the RPTF conference this week, I thought I would check in.

As the database at has been released to google, I am
wondering if there is now a means for collection owners to make routine
edits, or do we submit changes via the google docs form?


Chuck Reinsch

Charles Reinsch
KRAB Archive:

On 6/28/2017 11:11 AM, William Vanden Dries wrote:
> Chuck,
> ARSC members and members of the Radio Preservation Task Force continue to
> work on this project. The project is still focusing on radio-related
> collections, but plans to expand in the future. Information about radio
> collections is periodically submitted through the online form
> <>, and those new submissions are
> added to the online database. We are also working our way through the
> collection information gathered in the initial survey to verify and expand
> the information currently posted. The database is available for anyone to
> search at, and we encourage anyone with radio
> collections to submit collection info so we can add it and grow the
> resource.
> Best,
> William
> William R. Vanden Dries
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> Culture, Indiana University
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> On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 1:22 PM, Charles Reinsch 
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> wrote:
>> Hello ARSC,
>> Is there any news about the project to build a "national database to
>> identify, map, and make searchable information regarding historical
>> recordings, beginning with radio broadcasts" that was announced last year
>> in the ARSCblog?
>> 6/11/10/rptf_directory/#comments
>> Thanks,
>> Chuck Reinsch