On 10/23/17 11:22 AM, Hood, Mark wrote:

> I am about to digitize a daily large batch of quarter-inch tapes, most of which I believe to be 3M 206.  There were professionally recorded and have been stored in a variety of conditions since the mid-70s, but in a pretty stable environment for the last 20 years.
> I'd like to solicit everyone's current experience and protocols when dealing with Scotch 206 - specifically, are you baking prior to spooling, or is 206 currently behaving well enough that a blanket baking policy is not required?

My experience:  206 does not need baking.  May have some shedding of dry 
oxide, usually more severe at the edges of the tape.  Wiping with Pellon 
usually removes enough of the dust so that it plays OK. If it's not 
wiped, dust may build up on the repro head and push the tape away from 
the gap.

I have not yet seen severe oxide loss on 206, so I don't know how to 
mitigate that if you encounter it.

-- John Chester