AMIA 2017 is offering a number of great pre-conference workshops and symposia.  All workshops must meet a minimum registration - so register early!

TUESDAY  - November 28

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM  |  Additional registration required
Workshop:  Data Modeling and Metadata for Audiovisual Archives

This one-day workshop focuses on the role and importance of creating a data model synthesizing metadata and cataloging concepts and principles within an organization or enterprise-wide. This workshop is intended for data managers and catalogers at a moderate level of understanding metadata standards and implementation practices.

 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Workshop:  WARC IT: Archiving Social Media

This workshop will break down components of the web page, highlight problematic areas and limitations, and show how to troubleshoot archiving social media like SnapChat, Twitter, and Instagram using the Smithsonian's National Museum of African-American History and Culture opening in September 2016 and Howard University television station's website and outreach programs as case studies.

WEDNESDAY - November 29

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Workshop:  Content Description for Time-Based Material

This one-day workshop focuses on the role and importance of creating rich descriptive metadata to describe time-based content. This workshop is intended for catalogers at a moderate level of understanding metadata standards and implementation practices.    Content description for time-based material is provided at the timeline level. Tagging or key wording subjects within audiovisual material is challenging. This workshop provides the basis for archivists and librarian to make good decisions about how descriptive metadata schemas are best implemented in content management systems and vocabulary control tools.    This workshop will discuss how all types of time-based media can be described in support of search and retrieval by subject. The workshop includes discussions of vocabulary management, linked data, and implementation of shared data authorities, with a focus on oral histories case studies. Dynamic presentations encompass picture and sound materials and include interactive exercises to put cataloging and metadata concepts directly into practice.  This workshop collaboration between OHA and AMIA is made supported the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

9:00am - 5:00pm
Community AV Archiving Fair: a Community Archiving Workshop & Hack Day Collaboration

The Community Archiving Workshop (CAW) and AMIA/DLF Hack Day teams are joining forces, and in collaboration with the New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC), organizing the first ever Community AV Archiving Fair on Wednesday, Nov 29 (location TBD). Aimed at helping local individuals and organizations improve their audiovisual archiving skills, the Community AV Archiving Fair invites independent media makers, collecting institutions, and community groups in the New Orleans area to bring their challenges, their media objects, and their data for a day of collaborative problem solving and training in collaboration with the AMIA community.

The fair is organized around a number of "stations," each of which will be staffed by AMIA volunteers, and focus on a particular workflow, technique, or tool. Stations will likely include: Digitization Strategies, Inventory Strategies, Prioritizing Media for Digitization, File Management & Storage, Disaster Preparedness & Recovery, Tool/Resource Matchmaking, How to Run a Community Archiving Workshop, and more!

AMIA conference attendees are invited to sign up to assist at a station or to propose their own stations, which may include working one-on-one with attendees, helping them gain the skills needed to meet specific challenges, or providing demonstrations to help people learn to use the tools that best fit their needs. Conference attendees are also welcome to join stations to expand their own knowledge-base. Please sign up to volunteer by filling out this form<> or going to We are particularly interested in showcasing the work of past Hack Day events, and encourage Hack Day participants to come share the tools and resources that have been developed as a part of past events!

 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM
The Reel Thing XLII

Curated by Grover Crisp and Michael Friend, The Reel Thing addresses current thinking and most advanced practical examples of progress in the field of preservation, restoration and media conservation.

 1:30 PM - 5:30:00 PM
Workshop:  An Archivists' Guide to Matroska

Matroska is a flexible audiovisual container currently undergoing standardization work within the Internet Engineering Task Force for preservation use. This workshop will review the architecture of Matroska and demonstrate many features relevant to archival work, such as:  Utilizing Matroska's checksum features,  Metadata management,  Description of technical characteristics,  Attachment management (logs, supporting documentation, related imagery, decoders),  Presentational control & ordered editions,  Validation and best practices.     Participants will work with tools such as ffmpeg, mkvalidator, mkvpropedit, mediaconch, and mkclean

For more information about the workshops, the program, and how to register


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