This is the program via which Thammasat's Libraries (Thailand) hosted me 5+ years ago.  I.e., it can work, though I don't know if any of the guidelines, etc. have changed since then.


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I have had request for more information. The requirements are on the site. US citizenship and resident.  I am not eligible so am not familiar with the questions. Once I quit/retire, I will apply.  Here is a bit more:

In brief, the host institution applies for a specialist at the country program. The country program would use the database to find eligible candidate.  One thing I learned in talks with Fulbright officers is that once in the region, there may be opportunities to share.

This is your opportunity.  That said, if we are doing a project, this may be an opportunity to assist the institution. Also, if I knew of people in the database, I might mention to Fulbright officers. I have not met all the officers in the region, but could certainly seek them out and let them know of your expertise. 

Hope this helps. Perhaps your university Fulbright office would have information.

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I think I have mentioned that there may be opportunities to bring over specialists especially in areas of cataloging, managing digital production, publishing.

If you are on the list, let me know because I can then look work with local Fulbright offices to identify partners.

Here is website:

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