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Testimonial by Dominic Farace, GreyNet International in Rome, October 22nd 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to call upon Dr. Dobrica Savic known by many of us as ‘Dobie’ to come up and join me.

Dobie, if my memory serves me well, we met at an ICSTI meeting in Paris in 2012. That following year you took on GreyNet Associate membership for the Nuclear Information Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency. During the past five years, you have left a 25 year imprint on this organization. One of your first steps was to call out a workshop on grey literature for your staff in Vienna. You took a leading role in drafting, promoting, and assessing the Pisa Declaration on Policy Development for Grey Literature Resources. And, you were instrumental in its multiple translations. You have since consecutively served on GL Program Committees, acted as Conference Moderator, and you are the current Chair of GreyNet’s Resource Policy Committee. GreyNet can always count on and welcomes your professional advice both solicited and unsolicited. Dobie alongside these many policy and managerial functions, you have contributed numerous articles dealing with grey literature – incorporating your vision as well as the work accomplished with the INIS collection, which is a true paradigm for other grey literature communities. You are always willing to review articles others have drafted including some of my own; and on occasion I have been able to reciprocate. This is a clear example of the review process of grey literature. While it may not be double blind, it is with both eyes open to improvement - that to which grey literature communities strive. Dobie you are a true colleague and a tremendous asset to our organization. On behalf of all us here this evening, I present you with the GreyNet Award 2017. http://www.greynet.org/greynetmembership/annualaward.html.

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