We have been in the practise of removing that front part of the door so we
can get at the cassette if it stops in the machine.

I know this is probably a silly question for rewind, what you call seeking,
but have you cleaned the heads and rollers?


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> Hey all,
> We use a Tascam 122 MkII for our cassette tape captures. Playback is OK as
> far as I can tell, but we have two issues: the plastic door cover is
> missing one of the 'screws' - not actually a screw, or a nail, but I'm not
> sure what to call it. A fastener??? Anyway - and seeking, in either
> direction, is extremely slow. If there is variance by tape, I have not
> noticed it. Over the past year I've captured at least fifty tapes with this
> machine.
> I haven't been able to find any information on what could serve as a
> substitute fastener for the door, and don't know if the seeking issue is
> fixable, or how to.
> I took videos of the issue and uploaded them to Youtube. Here's what
> happens on ejection (, and here's an attempt
> to rewind a tape (
> Thanks everyone for your time! Looking fwd, I hope, to some of the usual
> sage advice.
> Eli Bildirici