I am planning an annotated listing of the first recordings of Beethoven's 
works. I am pouring over the usual suspects, such as
Arnold, GSE, Voices of the Past, Moses, Creighton, WERM, Bauer, Hurst, 
Myers, and gobs of company catalogs.

The acoustic vocals will be the hardest part.
What is "The Brain Spinning Swains," sung by Susan Strong, 1908?

"The Cottage Maid" and "Faithful Johnnie," sung by Julia Culp?

Which version of "In Questo tomba oscuro" did Chaliapin likely record?

"Delizia" sung by Battistini, 1912?

Did any of Schnabel's Hupfeld ROLLS precede records?

Any music boxes of the first movement of the MoonShine?

More later.

Then there is whole post-WERM, or post-Myers, or just post-Schwann.

Check this out: Beethoven: The first recording, 1889

Has anyone undetaken this effort already?

Frank Forman, author of _Acoustic Chamber Music Sets_ and (with the late 
Kenzo Amoh), _Evegny Mravinsky Discography_, both in the ARSC Journal.