Hey Jeff,

Sam Palermo, who runs Skywave Tape Deck Repair, has starting making
resin-cast new "Gear C" parts for this exact problem. It's a huge issue
with the Tascam 122 MKIIIs. The same thing happened to my cassette deck.
You can get more info on getting the part here
He is very active in the Tapeheads forum, and there are a few threads there
where they discuss how to replace the gear and troubleshoot the problem. Here's
a thread <> where someone
documents the replacement procedure with photos.

There are also ebay sellers who have the gear from time to time. There's
one now
but I've seen various listings for lower and much higher prices at
different times.

Just a warning, I did replace gear C (and the idler tire) in my deck, but
it did not resolve the problem. It was definitely part of the problem,
because the gear was cracked and broke when I opened up the deck. However,
there also ended up being a capstan motor issue and was more than I wanted
to take on. C'est la vie.

Melissa Widzinski
Audio Preservation Engineer
Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative <>
Indiana University

On Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 3:46 PM, Tim Gillett <[log in to unmask]>

> From memory there are actually three plastic cogs in the Mk III, all of
> which can get brittle and the teeth break off. It might be worth replacing
> all three if they're obtainable.
> Interestingly, the earlier Mk II model used a rubber belt drive system
> which belt needed occasional replacement but it's a fairly generic part. I
> wonder for how long these special cogs for the Mk III will be easily
> obtainable...
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> Yes, that's what I was hoping it would be. At least I can fix that.
> Thanks Marie and Jeff.
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