Compared to the original British Columbia's, you may be right about Griffith's transfers. I don't have the originals for comparison. However, Griffith's transfers are superior to any other reissues I've heard, and for most people who don't have access to the originals, that's all that matters. 



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To the replies engendered by Ben Roth's query about Delius, I do not find that any of the EMI transfers of the Delius Society sets represent the best that can be had from those recordings. *Pace* Griffith, the high frequency resolution is always compromised, which a comparison with the Columbia sets and the "supplemental" volume from EMI will clearly reveal. Except for the first pressing, the American Columbias are inferior to their English Columbia counterparts. Worth noting as a caution.


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> HI Ben,
> Selectively. I like Sea Drift very much. I have both volumes of the 
> Beecham 78-rpm recordings on EMI World Records LPs, in excellent 
> transfers by Anthony Griffith. I also have a Japanese Toshiba/EMI set 
> of Volume 1, which are impeccable pressings (the British ones were 
> very fine, nonetheless). I'm not sure the Japanese issued volume 2.
> Gary
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> Hello everybody
> Are there any Delius fans out there?
> Regards,
> Ben Roth

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