Hi Ben,

Sound Forge Pro V. 10 and 11 have the same stereo crossfade capabilities that were once available only in CD Architect. Much better than V. 9.



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Hi Gary,
Yes, Sound Forge 9 and upwards have the capability of overlapping, but on separate channels then merging them.  I've given many demonstrations using the 4th movement of Tchaikovksy's 5th with Koussevitzky.  The 1st break in the 4th movement is terrible, but I "make it all better".  I grew up with the 78's and I'm delighted that I can fix it.  Of course it was reissued on LP in '47 but I didn't know about it till much later.


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> Hi Ben,
> Way too many 78s here to transfer, and I couldn't do it nearly as well 
> as my friend and colleague Mark Obert-Thorn. Moreover, I confess that, 
> fortunately, I retain a great love for the 78s themselves, as they 
> connect me to my earliest experiences with music; I suspect that's why 
> many collectors still have them. I do listen to lots of commercial 
> transfers, too, for example the Beecham CD set on Warner mentioned 
> earlier in the thread, especially when I'm listening with others, and 
> I have an extensive collection of historic CDs. But I find that 
> listening four or five minutes at a time helps me focus on the music 
> in a way a complete, uninterrupted performance does not always. I did 
> invest in a Korg digital studio to learn how to do rudimentary 
> transfers, but so far the learning curve has been too daunting and my 
> investment in noise-reduction software too small for optimal results; 
> does the Sound Forge allow overlaps in addition to splices? In any 
> event, I'm too busy reviewing records (CDs for Fanfare magazine), 
> selling records (78s by mail-order auction), and listening to records 
> to devote much time to experiments in transferring them myselfl
> Best,
> Rich
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>  Hi Richard,
> I'm curious to know how you listen to the 78s. Have you transferred 
> them and spliced them or do you listen to one side at a time very patiently?
> I used to have to do that way back when, but Sony Sound Forge 9 saved 
> my sanity with great splicing capabilities.
> Regards,
> BR
> On Sat, Nov 4, 2017 at 7:30 PM, Richard Kaplan < 
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> > Absolutely. I have all three volumes of the Delius Society 78s on 
> > Columbia, plus the set on Victor and sundry other items; my father 
> > schlepped a copy of volume 1, a gift from a girlfriend, all over 
> > Europe during WWII, and those recordings were among my earliest 
> > listening. The Warner CD box of Beecham's final recordings of many 
> > Delius works is absurdly inexpensive but unfortunately does not 
> > include earlier versions
> of
> > pieces he rerecorded.
> >
> > Rich Kaplan
> >
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> >
> >
> > Hello everybody
> >
> > Are there any Delius fans out there?
> >
> > Regards,
> > Ben Roth
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