This month's transfers of 5,000 78rpm sides for the Great 78 Project
<> are now posted:

Many are Latin American music from the David Chomowicz and Esther Ready

and square dance music, with and without the calls, from the Larry
Edelman Collection

(Thank you David Chomowicz, Esther Ready, and Larry Edelman for the

We are still working on some of the display issues with this month
materials, but loving it.

   unfortunately we have only found dates for about 1/2 of this month's
batch using our automatic techniques of looking through, 45worlds, discogs, dahr, and full text searching of
cashbox magazine.

   Those with missing dates:[]=NOT%20date:*%20AND%20publicdate:[2017-11-15%20TO%20*]

   If you like internet sleuthing, or leveraging our scanned
discographies or your discographies and would like to join in on finding
dates and reviews, please jump in.  We have a slack channel of those
doing this.    

Gosh this is fun.   Congratulations to B George's group, George Blood's
group, and the collections group at the Internet Archive.