Hi Ben,
Way too many 78s here to transfer, and I couldn't do it nearly as well as my friend and colleague Mark Obert-Thorn. Moreover, I confess that, fortunately, I retain a great love for the 78s themselves, as they connect me to my earliest experiences with music; I suspect that's why many collectors still have them. I do listen to lots of commercial transfers, too, for example the Beecham CD set on Warner mentioned earlier in the thread, especially when I'm listening with others, and I have an extensive collection of historic CDs. But I find that listening four or five minutes at a time helps me focus on the music in a way a complete, uninterrupted performance does not always. I did invest in a Korg digital studio to learn how to do rudimentary transfers, but so far the learning curve has been too daunting and my investment in noise-reduction software too small for optimal results; does the Sound Forge allow overlaps in addition to splices? In any event, I'm too busy reviewing records (CDs for Fanfare magazine), selling records (78s by mail-order auction), and listening to records to devote much time to experiments in transferring them myselfl
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 Hi Richard,
I'm curious to know how you listen to the 78s. Have you transferred them
and spliced them or do you listen to one side at a time very patiently?
I used to have to do that way back when, but Sony Sound Forge 9 saved my
sanity with great splicing capabilities.


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> Absolutely. I have all three volumes of the Delius Society 78s on
> Columbia, plus the set on Victor and sundry other items; my father
> schlepped a copy of volume 1, a gift from a girlfriend, all over Europe
> during WWII, and those recordings were among my earliest listening. The
> Warner CD box of Beecham's final recordings of many Delius works is
> absurdly inexpensive but unfortunately does not include earlier versions of
> pieces he rerecorded.
> Rich Kaplan
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> Hello everybody
> Are there any Delius fans out there?
> Regards,
> Ben Roth