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News release = USGS Estimates 40 Million Pounds of Potential Uranium Resources in Parts of Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma

Fact Sheet = Assessment of undiscovered resources in calcrete uranium deposits, Southern High Plains region of Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, 2017

New Uranium Mineral Named for USGS Scientist

USGS Uranium Resources Research: https://energy.usgs.gov/otherenergy/uranium.aspx

Uranium related research inquiries are my most frequently asked reference questions here in the Denver Library. Please, please feel free to contact me directly with additional tips and tricks to finding and using library materials, and(or) refer to my previous presentations and publications about uranium research and information (as well as radionuclide research and information) in rocks and water resources : 

October 2013 - Geoscience Information Society (Geological Society of America) Annual Meeting, Global Vision: Geoscience Information for the Future session: The Past is the Key to the Future: Uranium Research at the USGS Denver Library (https://gsa.confex.com/gsa/2013AM/webprogram/Paper222073.html)  and Back to the Future: Uranium Information at the USGS Denver Library (https://gsa.confex.com/gsa/2013AM/webprogram/Paper225430.html)

Caine, J.S., Johnson, R.H., and Wild, E.C., 2012, Fault Zone Potential Conduit for Uranium Contamination: U.S. Geological Survey GeoHealth Newsletter, vol. 9, no. 2:  http://health.usgs.gov/geohealth/v09_n02.html#v09_n02_a14    

Caine, J.S., Johnson, R.H., and Wild, E.C., 2011, Review and interpretation of previous work and new data on the hydrogeology of the Schwartzwalder Uranium Mine and vicinity, Jefferson County, Colorado: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2011–1092, 55 p.

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