On 2017-12-11 3:25 PM, Steven Smolian wrote:
> I'm looking for software that will allow me to do the following:
> Work on a mono file of 78s sides of long works divided into 4 minute or so
> segments and, by dragging and dropping, make overlaps.  The 78 files will
> have been faded beforehand.  I want to be able to try, audition, and
> reposition each overlap until I'm satisfied.

Hi, Steve,

After 20 years of using Samplitude, I am still happy with the 
flexibility it offers.

Samplitude works in a virtual project mode and does not actually edit 
the wav files (although it can in what they call "destructive editing 
mode," which I probably haven't used since my third project with it two 
decades ago.

What I would do is open a two (or perhaps four, depending) track VIP 

Load the long file with all the sides in order into track one.

Cut between sides. Select the even number sides. Pull them down into the 
second track. At this point, each side is a SEPARATE object.

Then, still working just in the VIP file, you can drag the files to 
where they overlap (but are in different tracks)...resulting in a 

I don't think I'd pre-fade the sides while doing the transfer, because 
you can so easily just drag the bottom corner of the project to change 
where it starts/stops, or the top corner of the project to create the 
desired fade. I suggest a cosine curve fade as it seems to be less 
noticeable on normal program material.

Repeat for additional sides. Then export to a single WAV file. You will 
end up with a VIP file, the original (unmolested) WAV file and the newly 
edited WAV file (plus two "helper" files for the WAV files).

Now, I have not tried this in this context, but one thing to play around 
with is that an easy-to-use diameter equalizer is possible in this mode.

Copy all the finally position objects (sides) into two more tracks.

Adjust the EQ for the inside diameter on this second group (assuming 
that the EQ has been adjusted for the outside diameter for the original 

Then, for each side, run a side-long crossfade using the volume 
automation tool. It is a matter of double clicking on the volume 
automation line and dragging it up or down.

In that way, you'll have a side-long crossfade between the inner and 
outer diameter EQ which might just be close enough. If it is not, you 
can add inflection points to the curve.

In order to add the EQ, it is advisable to add two submasters to create 
a single point of control for the outside and inside EQ, in that way, 
you'd be applying the same EQ to both the odd and even sides.

You could run two instances of de-click (Samp's restoration suite is 
just OK, iZotope RX6 is better) plug-ins, one for inner and one for 
outer and get the de-click working prior to the diameter EQ.

Samplitude allows full control (i.e. adding built-in (or external) 
plug-ins) at the object (side), track (odd/even), submaster 
(outside/inside EQ), or master.

You can save a template with as much preset as possible.


Richard L. Hess                   email: [log in to unmask]
Aurora, Ontario, Canada                             647 479 2800
Quality tape transfers -- even from hard-to-play tapes.

Richard L. Hess                   email: [log in to unmask]
Aurora, Ontario, Canada                             647 479 2800
Quality tape transfers -- even from hard-to-play tapes.